Women finalists of the Serbian Cybersecurity Challenge 2020 awarded

The ISSES team and Silensec organized a safe-mode award ceremony and presented an award to the women finalists of the Serbian Cybersecurity Challenge 2020 (SCC 2020) in the overall spirit of the various international initiatives, including Women4Cyber of the European Cyber Security Organization, that aim at promoting, encouraging and supporting women in the cyber security professions.

The awardees received a personalized certificate of award with a free 12-month personal subscription to the cyber range platform by Silensec called CYBER RANGES, which powered the challenge last October. Over the next 12 months the awardees will be able to enjoy the opportunity to interact with an industry expert from Silensec, who will be available to provide the awardees with professional mentorship.

Cyber-ranging is a crucial component of the overall competence building journey of a cyber security professional towards and during employment. Through cyber-ranging, added to the knowledge and skills acquired at university, cyber security students and graduates can develop the key on-the-job abilities much sought after by employers, as focused by a new “Top 10 Abilities” industry-wide project specifically designed by Silensec and led by the European Cyber Security Organisation. The collaborative SCC 2020 engagement among Universities and industry vendors around cyber-ranging and situational practice in cyber security education in the Balkans is indeed a precursor of further and wider cyber security ecosystem developments.

The SCC 2020 organizers hope that this award and the awardees themselves will motivate more women to participate in future Serbian Cybersecurity Challenge events and to choose cybersecurity as a profession, thereby contributing towards lowering the staggering worldwide shortage of cybersecurity experts.