REWIRE – Cybersecurity Skills Alliance – A New Vision for Europe

On August 4th, 2020 we received the notification letter from the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) that the our proposal entitled “REWIRE – Cybersecurity Skills Alliance – A New Vision for Europe” submitted for the Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliances 2020 (SSA) call received 4 million EUR funding for improving Europe’s professional education programs in the cybersecurity sector (call results link). The 25-member consortium consists of an elite selection of leading European universities (e.g. KTH, Sweden; CrySyS Lab/BME, Hungary), vocational education organizations, certification/standardization bodies and companies. The consortium will be led by the Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania. We are proud that multiple members of the ISSES team participated in the proposal preparation phase and will participate in the project implementation. Additionally, two ISSES project partners are also parts of the REWIRE consortium,  namely P3 CrySyS Lab from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Hungary and P8 Unicom Telecom Ltd from Belgrade, Serbia. The REWIRE project will be in powerful synergy with and ensure the sustainability of the ISSES project.