Our project team took part in the Cyber Tesla exercise organized by the Serbian Armed Forces

The representatives of the Information Security Services Education in Serbia (ISSES) Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education (CBHE) project took an active part in the Cyber Tesla 2019 cybersecurity exercise organized by the Serbian Armed Forces. Our team prepared three SCADA security scenarios, which were accompanied by a cyber-physical system, which was used to depict the potential devastating physical effects of hacker attacks against critical infrastructures and/or industrial systems. The Cyber Tesla exercise is a traditional event organized each year since 2016. The representatives of multiple cybersecurity stakeholders in the government sector were members of the Blue Teams solving our SCADA security scenarios, e.g. Serbian Armed Forces, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Republic Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, National CERT, etc. The 4-day event took part between November 11-15 and was concluded by a ceremony attended by the Serbian Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin.